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Welcome, Bienvenue, Velkomin, Välkommen, Velkommen

Hunde, Pferde und Bienen bestimmen das Leben auf unserem kleinen Kotten am Nordrand des Ruhrgebietes. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Anschauen unserer Seiten!

Welcome to the homepage of Kennel Nordic Gold! We breed Icelandic sheepdogs, but are also acting with honey bees and trotting horses (i.e. „Noxean Com“ – double winner of the german Breeders Crown).


Unsere zauberhafte Ástvinur Jóra Hrafnhetta (IntCh) hat zusammen mit Rögnir 2015 den A-Wurf gezeugt. Wir planen erneut Welpen für den Sommer 2017.

The international expert for the icelandic sheepdog, Charlotte Høier, honored our Ástvinur Jóra Hrafnhetta as „Amsterdam Jeugdwinner“ plus „Amsterdam Winner“ and described her as follows:

  • „Very beautiful young bitch of perfect type and extreme high quality. I love her with passion. She is so much what this breed asks for. She has a head to die for and she is so extremely well constructed, everything is in the right place, not too much not too little of anything.I`m sure she is going to have a fantastic career.“

Please feel free to contact us:  nordicgold@t-online.de or Tel.: 00 49 2309 75109

Icelandic Sheepdog Kennel „Nordic Gold“ (FCI)

Islandhunde im DCNH e.VVDH Verband für das Deutsche HundewesenFCI Federation Cynologique Internationale